When all is falling, few will rise…

The Plane of Nexus, a created reality for a race of defenders and super warriors, Androids. Made by the Elder God Hawk, Father of Artifice and Power. He made Nexus and founded the guild therein, a defense force and a nation. The Guild works under a monarch, a Guild Leader, chosen by merit and intention by the previous Guild Leader.

Under the Guild Leader are the elites, then the lower rank, and lower, and so on. All ranks in the Guild are warriors that instead of looking towards advancement of outer resources, look inward to find their power, using weaponry and technology to complement their own magical and physical skill rather than the other way around. These ranks are by far the least plentiful and most powerful of all the race, growing in power with every new challenge they face.

Two other kingdoms have formed. The militant, strategic faction of [], focusing on physical technology and tactics, and the [], a nation of magic users, alchemy inspirers, and other Androids working towards magic tecchnologies as a primary source of power. Both on fragile terms with each other, however not at war.

Lastly, there is a bestial race, a race of those torn and deformed by demon infused technology. Some debate they were an alchemical mistake, others believe they came from demon creation, they

The Nexus' Defense